Lumistone™ Products

Lumistone™ patented products are traditional Class I (flame retardant) acrylic solid surface that contain the unique characteristic of long lasting photoluminescence. The Lumistone™ line consists of:

As depicted in the photos below, Lumistone™ surfacing material provides a bright clear path for exodus during a power failure or other emergency situation.

is the preferred choice

where federal, state and local ordinances have specifically mandated phosphorescent emergency demarcation in government or public buildings. Its aesthetic warm white color, combined with pleasant tactile properties allow it to blend into elegant office settings and hallways as a floor molding or other trim application. As an acrylic solid surface material, it is user friendly for cutting, fabricating and installing. Solid surface fabricators appreciate its thermoforming properties and can use CNC tooling to fabricate Lumistone™ strips to mimic traditional wood moldings and curved shapes. Other less quality luminescent materials, such as paint, adhesive tapes or plastics are unattractive yellow-green materials that clash aesthetically with other office and building materials. Lumistone™ also has a longer afterglow, lasting up to 12 hours.

Lumistone™ products

consist of strips for use as moldings, trims, inlays and inserts. It is also available as a liquid inlay.


Lumistone™ works wherever it is exposed to natural daylight or artificial lighting such as fluorescent lights. Optimum lighting provides 12 hrs. or more of a cool blue afterglow in darkness.