Lumistone™ Products
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About Vistas Group

Vistas Group is a company founded by individuals with over 75 years combined experience in the fields of Design, Consulting, Color Science, Plastics Chemistry and Solid Surface manufacturing.

The principals in our company have a combined 8 process and design patents in solid surface, with more in application.

Our designs have won Kitchen & Bath magazine’s “Most Innovative Product Award” and “Today’s Facility Manager” magazine’s “1st. Place Readers Choice Award for Excellence in Building Materials" category.

At Polycon 2004, The ICPA (International Cast Polymers Alliance) awarded Vistas Group the Pinnacle Award for the “Outside the Box” category, which featured our first introduction, Lumistone™. This unique product is a “glow-in-the-dark” line of acrylic solid surface products. Its original concept as a secondary emergency lighting source has expanded to include multiple aesthetic applications.

Please visit our website periodically for announcements regarding new products and designs.