Lumistone™ Products
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Who should I call for information or prices for Lumistone products?

Please refer to the Customer Service link on this website.

Is Lumistone toxic, radioactive or otherwise dangerous?

No. It is non-toxic, non reactive and not dangerous.

What is the best use for Lumistone?

Anywhere that would benefit from a lighted egress when there is a power failure including battery back-up lights or other emergency type situation such as a smoke filled hallway, stairwell or room. Used as a continuous floor molding, it provides a visible path further down a corridor than an emergency back up light may provide light for. An excellent example of this is on the first page of the Lumistone website. The picture depicts a hallway with strips installed as floor moldings and at mid-level on the walls.

How does it compare to other “glow-in-the-dark” products on the market?

It is superior in elegance and durability. Other “glow-in-the-dark” products include ‘yellowish-green’ colored adhesive tapes, thin rigid type plastics and paint that emit a ‘nuclear’ green afterglow. These products clash and detract from the settings in which they are installed. Additionally, some have a short afterglow period. Lumistone is an aesthetically pleasing, neutral white color in normal light, with a pleasing, but well perceived ‘cool blue’ long lasting after glow. Since it is an acrylic solid surface, it emits a pleasant tactile sensation, is thermoformable to conform to any radius and can be routed to create edge effects that mimic wood moldings. In addition to its long lasting photoluminescence or blue afterglow, it also provides the additional safety feature of being self extinguishing. Its thickness and properties as a solid surface allow for much greater durability. Adhesive tapes, thin plastics and paint simply don’t have the resistance to normal traffic, cleaning agents and machinery.

Aside from safety, aesthetic and durability features, are there any other selling points that make it attractive to architects, specifiers and engineers?

Yes. It appeals to individuals who are looking for something new and cutting edge to offer. It raises the profile of the person or firm who incorporate it in place of traditional materials. Simply said, it inspires a “wow” effect in everyone who sees it demonstrated. People are drawn to its beautiful blue glow and always respond with imaginative ideas for usage. On a more practical note, for certain applications, it doesn't’t have to be part of a maintenance checklist for electrical wiring, bulbs, etc.

Can Lumistone be used for any other applications?

Yes. Lumistone vanity bowls are used in new home construction and remolding projects. When installed in a bathroom that receives daylight or is exposed to sufficient fluorescent light, it emits an elegant blue afterglow. This provides a wonderful design feature and is pleasing at nighttime to the ‘sleepy’ individual whose night vision would otherwise be shocked with an obtrusive bright fluorescent light fixture.

Lumistone strips that are sandwiched into countertop edges also provide an elegant design feature in a bathroom or kitchen. Liquid Lumistone inlays can be applied to routed straight lines, designs, symbols or lettering on countertop surfaces. Lumistone is ideal for use in public buildings, new home construction & remodels, health care institutions such as hospitals and nursing homes, cruise ships and hotels.

Are there any limits or restrictions to applications? How does it work?

Lumistone is a photo luminescent product that emits a two-stage afterglow color. In darkness, the first stage consists of its brightest glow that lasts 20 minutes or longer depending on previous energizing. It then transitions into a softer but well perceived glow that lasts 12 hours or longer depending on previous energizing. For safety and emergency applications, the first stage provides a stronger glow for exiting an area. When a Lumistone product such as a vanity bowl or countertop edge is viewed at night, the observer is usually already in ‘night vision’, and will observe a steady afterglow. At night time (or in darkness), the rods and cones in the human eyes are different than during bright light. Lumistone’s brightness and duration are directly proportional to the type and duration of light it is exposed to before darkness. Light (especially that which is rich in the UV spectrum, such as natural daylight or fluorescent), energizes the product to create an afterglow in darkness, or a dimly lit area. Natural daylight and fluorescent are the most powerful energizing light sources either as direct or diffused exposure.

Can Lumistone be used outdoors or in a minimally lit outdoor environment?

Outdoors, Lumistone will receive the optimal energizing effect from natural daylight, however specific outdoor conditions at night will affect the afterglow. For instance, it would not work well if streetlights, automobile headlights, lawn lighting, security lights, etc. would be in the same area. This would negate the effect. However, in an outside area not subjected to the examples aforementioned, it will work. Also note that an application in an area that receives only incandescent light or short periods of fluorescent light would probably not be suitable. Please refer to the technical chart on the website for related data.

Are there any special needs or processes required to fabricate and install Lumistone products?

No. Lumistone strips and vanity bowls have the same physical and performance properties of, and meet the same standards of, all other traditional Class I acrylic solid surface. Fabrication techniques are also the same as regular acrylic solid surface.

Are there any issues with seam lines?

Using a regular joint adhesive in a matching daylight color works well on moldings, edge buildups and vanity bowls, and seams are inconspicuous. Only a contrasting, dark opaque colored adhesive would create a conspicuous seam. A deck seam or other large material fabrication may be slightly noticeable. If desired, a custom “dual color matched” adhesive is available.

Does Lumistone work in water?

Yes, as long as the water is clear.

How long does Lumistone work?

At this point, studies indicate an infinite life of consistent charging and glowing effects.

Why is Lumistone priced higher than other solid surface products?

The specific ingredients and subsequent manufacturing process that create the glow effect add cost since additional raw materials are used and the production method is different. However, when calculated as total yield in a project, it really is not so costly. One Lumistone strip is 6” wide and 144” long. This one strip can be cut into many other strips for molding or inserts into edge buildups. When “broken down”, the strips aren’t as expensive as originally thought. Lumistone bowls are still less expensive than some top of the line custom design bowls on the market. Finally, Lumistone Liquid Inlays are extremely economical when compared to typical inlay kits and the mixing time required using them.

Can I get a discounted price?

Fabricators and distributors are eligible for price breaks compared to the list prices.

Is Lumistone available in any other colors?

Yes, another color of white daylight and green afterglow is also available, but the cost is higher and available only as a custom order. Lumistone can also be made in soft “cosmetic” daylight & afterglow colors of blue, yellow, plum, red and orange. However, these colors have a much softer afterglow and would only be suitable for specific applications. The current white with “cool blue” afterglow is the most appealing and functional color.